Coaching With Meg

Why I’d Be Great For You

    • because you know what to do, you’ve read every book, done the diet, tried every exercise regime but nothing sticks.
    • because you’re smart, you’ve travelled, had the career, decorated the house but can’t seem to prioritise you in your own life.
    • because cheese and wine win every time over a brisk walk, even though you know how great those endorphins will feel after moving.

I help you find your joie de vivre, get back your confidence and create a healthier lifestyle that screams YOU.

We’ll question “make sure you eat everything on your plate”  “no pain no gain” and any other rules you’ve grown up with, we’ll dump most of them and then start to map out your ideal lifestyle.

You’ll never have that struggle to get started again. You’ll have the energy and enthusiasm to say yes to the cocktail party, that keynote speech and the yoga retreat.

I work with women in 2 ways

Videos & Coaching

Videos & Coaching Combination (coming soon) – get your name on the wait list below.

If you’d like to work at your own pace, with short video lessons to support you, then this package is for you.

Included with the videos are 2 one on one 50 min coaching sessions.


‘Cause I love helping women drop the overwhelm and get going. We all have the same crazy thoughts, self-doubt and beliefs like “I’m just lazy.”  I help you question these thoughts & find better thoughts so that you can take steps in the direction of creating a new, action taking lifestyle.

My program is 100% virtual. You’ll have access to a platform with videos and worksheets that you can use over and over.

We’ll meet for coaching via zoom whenever the time is right for you.

The videos cover my 5-step process. The process will show you how to get started and how to keep going so that can live that healthier, energy filled life.

This is not a diet and exercise plan. This program is to help you recognise the obstacles that have you quitting. The obstacles that always get in the way of your progress. You’ll learn how to spot them and eliminate them.

We start by taking a step back and observing all that is going on in your current life. Your health weaves its way through all aspects of your being, mental, physical & emotional.

Your progress is never perfect. Once you accept that life will always get in the way – you’ll be looking out for the curveballs. You’ll expect them and you’ll be ready for them.

The skills you learn coupled with the coaching, will help you build a solid foundation. Once that’s established, you’ll make progress so much faster and your changes will be much more sustainable.

Pro health tip: Leave all your rules, should’s and need to’s at the door. We’re on a journey to grow your self compassion and slow down the critic in your head.

(Pilot program price of $499)

Private 1:1 Coaching

If you want to dive deeper and fully immerse yourself in making a shift in how you think and feel and you want to shake up what you do or don’t do then 1 on 1 is for you.

If you’re ready to make this time of your life, the best time.

If you’re ready to create a lifestyle that sets you up for the next chapter.

If you’re feeling like this is a big job and wishing you had started this journey a year or more ago then this is for you.

My job is to help you to drop the overwhelm, start to feel more confident and take steps in the direction that you desire.

I won’t be writing a diet or exercise plan. I’ll be working with you to quieten that inner critic, enhance your self compassion and to take action so you can create a lifestyle that suits you.

This is amazing work.  This is life changing. This is not a bed of roses, but I’ll be with you every step of the way.  You in?

I’d love to chat to you further about this opportunity. Book in so we can see where you’re at, where you’d like to be and if I can assist you to get there.

Note: I take on 1-2 private clients only.