Hi, I’m Meg!

Hi, I’m Meg!

For a very long time (I’m talking decades) I judged myself for not sticking to my latest health regime.

I was all in or all out.

I added another layer of pressure by reminding myself I was a health professional, I should be able to do this.

Even when I did stick to the routine – I’d decide I should’ve gone harder.

I’d repeatedly hear myself say – “It’s too hard to stick to” or “I’ve blown it now, might as well finish off the mint slices.”

Starting, stopping, beating myself up, rinse and repeat.

I started questioning it all.

Is what I’m doing the ONLY way? How do people that maintain their routine do it?

I found out there’s another option, that felt calmer and kinder.

Coaching opened my eyes to thinking a different way.

I started listening for and questioning all my judgey thoughts.

I learnt how to catch those thoughts and replace them with more helpful, more realistic ways of thinking.


It’s not what you’re doing; or how often you’re doing it. It’s how you’re thinking about it and  how you’re speaking to yourself.

I’d known this intellectually but had no idea how to apply it.

Coaching brought it all together.

I’ve been doing yoga consistently for 5 years.

I’m not an instructor, I don’t do instagramable poses.

I’m doing it because my body loves it and because I dropped the rules about how often, how long and how perfect it had to be.

I maintain my weight by not beating myself up when I over eat.

I drink significantly less because I’ve learnt how to manage my judgey thoughts.

I’ve learnt that no-one ever beats themselves into wellbeing.

I see amazing leaps forward in my client’s wellbeing when they focus on dropping the pressure rather than dropping the weight.

You can create a lifestyle that’s enjoyable and suits you.

This is the difference.

You live your life.

You don’t drag yourself through it.

On top of being a Life & Health Coach, here’s a few random facts about me….

My last meal would be gnocchi, tomato based, garlic bread and a glass of shiraz

I'm listening to Unf*ck Your Brain by Kara Loewentheil & The Aging Project hosted by Shelley Craft

I grew up in a Wagga, NSW, Australia. I'm No. 6 of 8 siblings

I'm currently reading: The Myth of Normal by Gabor Mate & The Soul of Money by Lynne Twist

I love a bit of trash tv and Vera, my current obsession is Ted Lasso interspersed with RuPaul and Home Edit.

I also love yoga, doing nothing, bush walking and girls weekends

For hair products I would go to Coco & Eve hair mask. It’s a Game Changer.

A good night out would be staying in.

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